Design is personal; the best way to do it is completely custom, BUT…if you’re in a hurry, on a budget, just need a little direction, need a good gift idea, or just want to dip your toe into the adventure of having a designer for the first time, Room in Your Inbox is the way to do it. Check out the details below, and we’ll get started. 



We take all your provided information from the design survey and Skype meeting and design the perfect space for you! We will send you 3 downloadable documents including a floor plan, a design board, and a shopping/design guide. With these tools, you should be unstoppable!  You'll be able to click through, order, and install with no problem at all!  When you're finished, be sure to snap a picture and post.  Recommended hashtags include: #roominyourinbox #gordondunning #ilovelathemandcate  Ha!  Wanna try it?




living room/family room $650


kitchen $600


bedroom $550


bathroom $450


dining room $400


home office $350


entry $350





You will provide us with all the information requested in the design survey, and a member of the GordonDunning team will design you a customized design that you can implement all on your own and on your own timeline.  We ask you tons of questions to try and dig into who you are and what your space needs to be.  The more information you give us, the better the design will be. You provide images of the room, existing pieces, and dimensions.  Then, we set up a Skype or Screenshare meeting with you. This virtual meeting allows us to ask questions, you to ask questions, maybe see a confusing part of the room, and generally get to know you a little better. We feel that interior design is all about the folks that live and play in the space. Meeting you (if only virtually) and getting your feedback is so important and will result in a more customized space for you. We will also use the Skype/Screenshare meeting as a scaled-down version of our typical process. The meeting will act as our Love-Hate meeting. While on Skype/Screenshare, we will show you several items we pulled based on your responses on the survey. You get to attack these and tell us what you love, hate, kinda dig, etc. This way we'll know if we are on the right track. We are big believers in communicating with images. After the survey and the Love-Hate Skype/Screenshare Pow Wow, we should know you inside and out!





I want to hang out more or change things or need hand holding or my project is too big or I need hands on experience?


The downside of Room in Your Inbox is that we do not get to give you the full design service we love to give. We are able to customize a design for you based on all the information you send us, so the quality and personalization is completely up to you. 


There are no revisions after the Room in Your Inbox. We are able to offer a lower design fee by eliminating follow up revisions. We do not come and install and accessorize. We just send you our best advice and instructions. GordonDunning is not responsible for any dimensions provided by the client.


If you need real hand-holding and in-person design, there is nothing we would rather do. Check out our design process, and reach out!  We can't wait to work with you!